About Me/Contact

Irina was practically born with a paintbrush in her hand. From a very young age, she was creating murals and collages, and drawing or painting on any surface she could find. Many children had their own fantasy worlds, but she was able to make hers come to life through art. The pencil and paint have always been a part of her – an extension of herself. Her parents encouraged her to pursue her artistic desires. They made sure she had all the supplies needed, as well as many art classes to further her skills. Irina developed her skills and love for art through her studies at the Russian School of Art, and later, the Academy of Fine Art.

She has worked at a restoration company and restored a lot of interesting pieces of fine and historical art. Irina was a designer and a stage artist for the Music Theater in Odessa, Ukraine. She also taught art classes to school children.

You can reach her at “” or at (347)-268-4567